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Cogitco Inc. is an innovative translation agency that provides diverse language solutions that include customized translation, editing, revision and proofreading services to meet clients' communication needs. Cogitco's in-house expertise is in the fields of English to French translation and French to English translation services, as well as French and English editing and proofreading for a number of industries. Cogitco also has relationships with a number of certified providers in all major languages and access to a highly qualified pool of tested freelancers to provide the company's solutions to clients in a timely, efficient manner.


Who We Are
Best Practices at Cogitco

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Translation Services: Business Translation  |  Financial Translation  |  Legal Translation  |  Technical Translation
Editing Services: Translated Documents Editing  |  Proofreading  |  Adaptation to Target Audience  |  Localization
Industries: Financial Services  |  Governments & Associations  |  Life Sciences  |  Natural Resources  |  Real Estate & Construction  |  Technology

Cogitco is a professional translation agency located in Montréal, Quebec, Canada,
specialized in English to French and French to English translation services, as well as other language combinations.

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