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Translation - Sherritt corporation

Translation - Sherritt corporation

Case Study
Cogitco Meeting CICA Standards

Industry: Natural Resources
Client: Sherritt Corporation
Service: Financial Translation
Deliverable: English-to-French translation of annual and quarterly reports and prospectuses


Sherritt International Corporation is a diversified resource company involved in the production of nickel, cobalt, oil and electricity, and the development of coal and natural gas as energy resources. Its success is built upon the use of innovative technologies and the breadth of its financial and operational expertise to increase productivity and profitability.

Cogitco receives four to five translation projects per year from Sherritt. Requests are often in form of annual and quarterly reports and at times, prospectuses. Similar services are provided for some of Sherritt's affiliated companies.

The Problem

The challenges attached to Sherritt's requests for corporate translation are:

  • Translating between 20,000 and 30,000 words each from English to French within relatively tight deadlines
  • Adhering to CICA terminology and phraseology
  • Researching highly technical industry-specific terminology
  • Handling complex embedded Word and Excel tables

The Solution

To meet Sherritt's needs, Cogitco established a system that relies on its vast array of technology and human resources. The elements of the system involve:

  • Using translation memory tools
  • Creating and deploying a dedicated "Sherritt team" to ensure that the language remains consistent from project to project
  • Working closely with Sherritt's auditors to ensure a top quality product that meets their needs and fulfils all their expectations
  • Selecting additional freelancers with specific skills to assist the regular team when request deadlines are tighter than usual
  • Maintaining lexicons and style sheets

The Result

The outputs of the established system are financial documents that French speakers can use to make informed decisions.


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